Smooth Blueness

Monday, July 22 2002

Yep. I updated the stylesheet.

I’ve started a new thing. I’ve always wanted archive old styles of the site, and I think I finally figured out a very simple way of doing it. The next step is to allow visitors to see the old styles. You can already check out the previous style

, but there’s obviously some flaws in the design. I’ll write a nifty little piece of code that also changes the image to suit the archived color schemes, but not now. I’ve exceed my 15 minute monthly programming allocation for

For those curious, the image in the current style is a slice of a picture I took of the Newberg Skatepark (well, officially the Chelhalem Skatepark, but more popularly known as Newberg), in Newberg Oregon.

Notice the photo album shows the old style. I liked the photo album at first, but now I’m not sure after spending literally hours trying to customize it. I’m not a stranger to PHP, but I’m also no expert. Hacking about in the gallery files is no fun.