While I Understand the Intent

Sunday, July 21 2002

While I understand the intent of a site that reviews top selling CD’s

for “Pro-Social Content” and “Objectionable Content”, the content of the reviews themselves can provide quite a chuckle. Some CD’s get bad marks for not making it clear if an “intimate” couple is married within the context of the song. That’s asking a little too much of the artist I’d venture. That’s like saying “Whoops, can’t give this CD good marks, we don’t know if the driver of the vehicle they describe is properly licensed.”

Personally I believe in teaching my values to my children in my home, and not being insanely protective about the worldly things. The world will exist despite my teachings to my children, and I feel it’s better to prepare my children with that thought in mind. Rather than convince my children that bullets don’t exist, I’d rather teach my children how to put on their bullet proof vests, knowing full well their values will be put to the test.