"Michael, That Green Car Is

Wednesday, July 17 2002

“Michael, that green car is related to some type of crime, we need to call the police and have them come check it out.”

Carrie’s said this at least a few times. She has an intuition about things sometimes.

Last night at around 1:15am, something was going down outside our apartment windows. Sheriffs’ radios were crackling with the stereotypical nasal voice of the dispatcher. Radio beeps and blips. Right as I was waking up I was hearing “He could have stashed it over there, between those bushes…” “One guy went running…”

I peeked out the window, and there was a patrol car, engine running, right below my window. I tried going back to sleep, but heard another patrol car pull up, and heard what sounded like the loading of a clip into a gun. This was a bit unsettling. I didn’t think that being on the third floor would help if a gunfight were to break out. And, I knew that if a gun went off, I’d have a much harder time sleeping after the event. There would be news vans to hover around in hopes of making it on the news. Can’t sleep at a time like that.

Over an hour later, the sheriffs were still there, but they were making noise again. I looked out again, and they were shining flashlights into the lime green Honda Prelude that’s been sitting outside our window for the last month, not having moved an inch. They were calling the plates in on the radio, and arguing with some man. The engine noise drowned out most conversation, but I did catch “…well then you’ll go to jail….” “…we are prepared to take you in…”

This morning, the car is still there. I lost several hours of sleep, and I was only treated to a watered down version of the most mild stuff you’d see on Cops. No screaming, not kicking, no arrests as far as I know. There was a lady who went down, and had to ask a sheriff to move his car so she could go to work at 2:30am (another mystery).

At around 3:00am, it seemed the law enforcement officials were finished, and left. All was quiet again. I was left thinking to never again mistrust Carrie’s intuition. If we had called during the day, I might have slept better last night.