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Friday, July 12 2002

The Complete ReferenceColdFusion MX: The Complete Reference
Yet another excellent book project that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, ColdFusion MX : The Complete Reference covers all the new and fancy stuff in the newest version of ColdFusion. If you’re planning to migrate previous ColdFusion installations to CFMX, this a great book to have. If you’re skeptical of the hype surrounding CFMX, this book will convince you that the hype isn’t unwarranted.

A lot of readers of my previous CF book have asked if I’m doing my own CFMX book. The short answer is no, but it’s not because of a lack of desire.

Several months ago I was given the offer to do a CFMX book, and I began to build the outline. Very shortly after starting I found out I was going to be a father. Knowing the level of work required to write a book would cut into preparing for a new child, I turned the offer down.
Not too long after turning it down, reality set in, and my wife and I both agreed that doing the book would be beneficial, but I was still concerned about the work load, so I came up with an idea.
Erik did a fantastic job tech editing my previous book. So much so that I knew without a doubt that he was just as capable as, if not more, than me at writing a book. I thought that a team approach would work well to writing the book, and I decided that Erik, as well as another very talented programmer, Aaron Johnson, and myself, would be able to write an excellent book on ColdFusion MX.
The deal was pitched to the publishers, they liked the idea, we worked out the details, and were ready to start when we received some bad news. The project wasn’t going to move forward, at no fault of our own. We were all a bit bummed because we were excited about the project. We considered pitching it to other publishers, but the pressures of life, at least on my part, took over and life moved on.
In hindsight, I’m glad that I didn’t take on the project. My year so far has been pretty chaotic, and juggling a book project (or even a third of a book project) would have been very difficult, if not impossible.
Maybe if things settle down a bit, we’ll try to collaborate on the project and self publish it, but I’m sure the lack of a publisher pushing and motivating us will be a disadvantage. Lack of distribution, marketing, and experience certainly wouldn’t help either.