I Have This Problem. Offline,

Monday, July 08 2002

I have this problem. Offline, away from computers, I’ve been very uncreative. I’m not playing the guitar as much, I haven’t painted a new illustration in months. Even my handwriting is getting bad.

Maybe this idea I’m about to suggest is as common to some as tube socks and butter, but to me, it’s an epiphany. An explanation for my, as of late, code filled, technobabblized head. You see, I get crazy and frustrated when I don’t feel like I can get the creative juices flowing. Crazy enough to pace, like in cartoons.

Being stuck in a creativity devoid hole is like one of those dreams where Hulk Hogan is chasing you with his friends The Iron Shiek and Rowdy Roddy Piper, and they’re trying to get you in a head lock. You try and try, but your legs won’t move. That’s right, you are petrified. Planted. As mobile as a tree stump. You’re stuck.

I think there is a direct correlation with a) creativity and b) economic downturn. ZOW! Epiphany. That’s it. I understand now, no need to paint the horse red. Pencils down, I get it. Because I’m worried about maintaing or getting a job, I don’t have time for the foo foo artsy fartsy stuff. I have to focus on what I’m good at, which right now is building web applications and sharing my knowledge of said activity.

And now I can sleep at night, knowing this. No need to worry. When I can purchase the Rolls to compliment the Ferrari parked at my ocean front home in St Thomas, I will return to painting meat


And I have a killer cold going on, in the middle of freakin’ July, in the mid 80’s for crying out loud. Who made up that junk?