My Left Leg Has Been

Tuesday, July 02 2002

My left leg has been twitching for over two days. I’m beginning to go mad because of it. This usually happens after performing a “new exercise”; I can’t figure out what this new excercise was, other than perhaps walking more than usual this weekend.

I used to get in these moods where walking just didn’t cut it. My locomotion required running. Even if the distance was only a few feet, say from my office to the bathroom, or my car to my mailbox. And it wasn’t a jog. Note that I have never mentioned jogging

, I have only mentioned running which is defined as moving swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride. Try that move while jogging and you’re likely to do the splits and pull something special.

And to me, moving swiftly meant moving as swiftly as possible, which meant running as if a the Teletubbies had laser beam eyes and woodchipper mouths and motorcycle legs chasing me screaming “Big Hug!”. That meant running so fast that the threat of physical injury from the rapid, near out of control motion, was almost assured.

I think I need to start doing that again, to stop the twitch.