Four Days to Move An

Thursday, June 13 2002

Four days to move an entire household one thousand miles away. Today I get to dismantle a well established 55 gallon saltwater reef aquarium. All things considered, the tank weighs nearly 650 pounds when full. I’ll be draining it, placing all the live items in buckets, and taking them down to the local fish store.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be packing up my 5 gallon desktop reef

, and taking everything with me to Oregon. I simply can’t part with this little thing, it’s about as close to South Pacific as I’ll ever find in Oregon.

I’m also taking my UltimateTV receiver and satellite dish to Oregon, and I’m not going to tell DirecTV about it. That way I’ll still be able to get local Los Angeles channels, and still be able to record a show and then fast forward through all the commercials.

I have two more days of packing and moving, and already this morning my bones ache. It’s hard work, but reward awaits.