I Get Traffic to This

Monday, June 03 2002

I get traffic to this site from some of the craziest google searches, and I’m sure that by merely mentioning those searches here I’ll get more simply because I’ll be mirroring the exact searches (rather than searches who’s keywords are more spread apart).

For instance, here’s an insightful list, ordered in no particular order:

“Michael Jackson Thriller”
   (I swear, at least 10 times a day, all from this

blog entry)
“Crazy Eddie’s Electronics”
“”/mb/resume.cfm" target="_self">ColdFusion Resume</A>"
   (OK, not so crazy)
“Robot Artwork”
“Midget People Pictures”
“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”
   (Another popular one, at least twice a day from this blog entry).

And my all time favorite for this session of Google Sends Me the Craziest Traffic:

“Do lesbians sometimes where pinky rings on their left hands?”