I'm Mad as Hell. It's

Thursday, May 30 2002

I’m mad as hell.

It’s not just because the homeowners association that I pay over $200 combined a month is suing me for $5000.

It’s not just because in a year I’ve been laid off three times, and left the one good company that I should have stayed at (said company also has a no-rehire policy).

It’s not just because crazy religious zealots who think it’s just fine to kill innocent people in the name of God make me wonder about the day to day safety of my future children.

It’s not just because after 20 years my parents are getting a divorce.

I’m mad as hell because of all those things, and because someone stole my skateboard. One of my only escapes from reality has been removed from me, and I can’t afford the $100.00 to replace it. I sure hope I don’t see some kid riding it. That’s a sure fire way of turning Michael Buffington into Michael Douglas in Falling Down.