Last Night as I Was

Wednesday, May 22 2002

Last night as I was driving home I was suddenly attacked by the extreme stench of skunk. Now, I know what a skunk smells like, but this time the smell was an attack. I was gagging, my eyes were burning, my nose was running. My head was being assaulted the smells was so strong.

Within a few seconds of driving forward, I discovered the source. There on the side of the street was a standoff between a skunk, a lady, and a german shepard. The skunk was in full spray position. It occurred to me for a split second that I might be able to do something to rescue this lady, but that thought was clobbered in the head by the incredible stink. If, in my car driving by, it smelled that bad, there was no way I was letting her or the dog near me. My good samaritan attitude got it’s butt kicked by stench.