As I Believe That One

Tuesday, May 07 2002

As I believe that one day we will all be zipping around on Segways, sipping carrot juice and folding oragami, I thought it would be prudent, historically speaking, to mark the first recorded Segway related injury.

Segway hits bump in its progress


The heralded Segway has claimed its first Atlanta victim. A member of the Central Atlanta Progress Ambassador Force toppled from one of the personal scooters on Cone Street near Luckie Street about 8:40 p.m. Thursday.

The officer, whose name was not released, injured his knee going up a driveway onto the sidewalk, said Atlanta Police Sgt. Michael Giugliano. He was taken to Grady Hospital.

Atlanta is one of the first cities to buy into the concept of using the Segway scooters, manufactured out of Manchester, N.H., for use by city employees.

Six of the 65-pound Segway scooters were lent to the Atlanta police for 60 days in late April by the company that are promoting them. Ten more of the machines were purchased for $9,000 each by the city’s Ambassador Force, Central Atlanta Progress and Georgia Power, according to Atlanta Regional Commission spokeswoman Julie Ralston.

From the Atlanta Journal-Consitution.

Personally, I think this fellow who fell didn’t get the attention he was looking for when becoming one of the first to be able to use the Segway on the job, so he got a little crazy, threw himself off of the perfectly balanced device in order to get some more attention. Shameful.