PopUpKiller Is a Great Little

Friday, April 26 2002


is a great little tool that stops annoying popup windows. It’s no longer being supported by the original programmers, but it is free, and might move into the open source world before too long. I’ve really enjoyed having it. It kills about 95% of the nasty ad popups, but does just as good at killing acceptable popups. There is a quick way of disabling it for the times when you need to see popups.

The company that makes PopUpKiller reccommends downloading Meaya’s Popup Ad Filter. So I downloaded it, and guess what? It stops working after 30-40 popups (in other words, within 20 minutes) and it doesn’t support Netscape or Opera.

Speaking of annoying ads, check out the craziness on this major site. Some have a hard time noticing at first, and some think it’s a joke, but it’s all very real.