I Dropped a Link To

Friday, April 19 2002

I dropped a link to Lorraine O’Conner’s

site yesterday in my links section after seeing it on Matt‘s site because I truly enjoyed the site. Today it’s funny because she jabbed Matt because of his description of her blog:

“My new favorite weblog is the mousetrap. It’s written by someone who is 71 years old, and just like talking with my grandparents, the content of the blog centers mostly around the weather and medication.”

She didn’t like the weather and medication part, thinking it a bit of a stereotype. It’s true, there is some talk of weather and medication, but that just seems to be recent more recent stuff. Her stories about her cat and are well written, but more importantly, hearing about some of her life experiences are important.

That’s right, important. Lorraine, while younger than my own grandmother, grew up in roughly the same kind of time when America was perhaps a little more innocent, hard working, less spoiled by mass media and marketing. The lessons I’ve learned from my own grandmother teach me to be grateful for the freedoms I currently enjoy (or take for granted). It was her generation that battled the Great Depression, fought World War II, and raised kids who’s generation ended up fighting in or opposing the war in Vietnam. It was her generation that witnessed some of the greatest changes in America as technology, science, art, and social change exploded into rapid progression.

The wisdom that people like Lorraine can share with those of us currently shaping America is important, and I’m glad I found her site. What we sometimes see as cranky old lady talk has been shaped by years of trials and triumphs, sorrow and joy. A definate daily read, but not merely for entertainment, but to learn.