I Used to Talk Extensively

Thursday, April 04 2002

I used to talk extensively about nanobots. I was thinking of nanobot suits, nanobots vehicles, nanobot shoes, all sorts of ideas, and then for a while I stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn’t because I realized that nanobots as I saw them would probably never happen, because I already knew that. I can’t say exactly what stopped the nanobot craze, but I can say it’s slowly creeping back.

My wife was relating the story of a plane that ran out of fuel and made a powerless emergency landing on a small Island off of spain. Midway through her description of how the plane lost fuel, I began think up nanobot related solutions to that problem, namely, the nanobot flight suit. Imagine a suit with billions of microscoping wings that could fly you to safety in the event of a plane crash, or for leisure.

For a long while I wanted to have a site displaying my nanobot related ideas, and I think I may pursue that again soon. I’m picturing hand drawn illustrations of nano inventions. That will be fun.