Last Night I Began Tearing

Tuesday, April 02 2002

Last night I began tearing apart my attic with crowbars and sledgehammers. All the events leading up to last night make for a dull story, so I summarize it in one sentence. The previous homeowner built and finished three rooms in the attic, which the homeowner’s association discovered while I own it, and they’ve claimed the space as common association space that they own and that I will have to pay to get removed. So there. It’s stupid, I know, but we’ve been in a legal battle over it for a while, so I decided to make their case a little weaker by just getting rid of it myself.

They wanted to charge us $5000 big ones to restore the attic to original condition, which is robbery considering I took down one of three rooms last night in less than 45 minutes.

I should mention that there are few things in this world more satisfying than swinging a crowbar right into a wall, mixing near-obscenities with the name of the HOA. Working as a developer my entire life, nothing I produce is ever “real”, or tangible, it’s all digital. Tearing down a wall is tangible, it’s real, it’s true productivity.

Also, last night I had a dream that I was lost in South Central LA dressed up as the easter bunny. I was safe with the costume on, but I lifted the mask to ask for directions at one point, and suddenly I was public enemy number one, so I put the mask back on for safety.