I Had a Dream That

Wednesday, March 27 2002

I had a dream that other night that I had two heads. I wasn’t suprised by the extra head, it was something I’d lived with my entire life. There were some cools things about having an extra head, which I’ll list now:

  • My other head had different tastes for food. It liked sushi, I liked Mexican food.
  • I could take a nap while my other head took care of the driving.
  • I could watch television while my other head read a book.
  • While swimming, one head could get air, while the other one visited the fantastic world of underwater sights.
  • Catching a ball without hands was easy. We just put our heads together.
  • The colloquialism

    “Put your heads together” made more sense, after catching balls and Frisbees.</LI></UL>

    There were some disadvantages too which might dissuade one from wanting an extra head, so I’ll be brief. The number one disadvantage was jealously. Either it was jealous of me kissing my wife, or I was jealous of it kissing my wife when left’s and right’s were confused. Buying extra pillows was also a chore, and while you might think two would do, you’d be wrong, because three are required (one for in between the heads).