I Found a Free Little

Thursday, March 14 2002

I found a free little utility that is a dream come true. I’ve always hated PhotoShop’s color picker, especially the “Copy Color as HTML” part. Rather than simply copy the hex value (which is the only thing important to me), it copies a “COLOR=’#FFFFFF” string which just sucks. First of all, the all caps COLOR sucks because I don’t code in uppercase, and I usually end up just deleting it anyways because I’m sticking the color into a style sheet.

So, in trying to find a way to hack PhotoShop, I ran across a program called Pixie

. Pixie sits in the corner of your screen, and reports the color that is directly under the tip of the cursor, in PhotoShop or out. Pressing CTRL + ALT + C copies the HTML friendly string without any other crap, just a plain FFFFFF style string. I’m in love with this program. It’s free, it’s tiny, and I has some other cool features that I haven’t mentioned.

Also in the news, man builds a rollercoaster in his backyard. Slashdot picked it up first, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it now does it? I will do this someday, along with my go cart racing track, my sky diving silo, and my cadillac catapult.