I Just Spent Some Time

Saturday, March 02 2002

I just spent some time looking at my log files and I realize now that there are a ton of people linking to this here site. I think that’s pretty cool, and following the lead of Joe Maller

, I’m going to begin linking back to all the fine folks who link to me. I think it’s interesting that people find me interesting enough to want to check out my blog. Now the pressure is on to keep the content fresh.

With that said, let me tell a story.

Now, before I begin let me mention that I’m not one who normally curses on my site or in conversation. So consider this a rare and precious moment - asshole. The first time I heard this word it sent me into a fit of four year old thought.

I was at pre-school swinging on the swings beside some kid. I remember that he was kind of pushy, and wasn’t someone I felt comfortable hanging with, so I usually avoided him. While on the swings, his intentions were to jump off the swing, but someone was in his landing zone so he yelled “Get out of the way asshole”. My four year old brain was clever. Having never heard this word it quickly began to determine the meaning. Simple: ass, well, that’s short for asphalt, and asphalt comes from volcanoes, so asshole is the opening of a volcano. What a stupid insult. Dumb kid.