What's Up With Alf? Remember

Saturday, February 02 2002

What’s up with Alf? Remember the show, A.L.F? Suddenly Alf is back, and I’m perplexed. What makes this more frightening is how Alf suddenly re-invaded my life.

While driving to work the other day I was listening to Kevin & Bean

. They were talking about a new 10-10-220 commercial that starred none other than Alf. The Alien Life Form that likes to eat cats. The “No problem” Alf with a faked Brooklyn accent.

The second someone made the first mention of Alf on the radio, Alf cut me off. That’s right. A yuck colored Honda Civic cut me off with a license plate that simply said “ALF”. I have proof, it’s fuzzy due to my eagerness to capture the moment, and a high rate of speed.

Alf cut me off.

Any thing Alf related at this point is not merely a coincidence, it’s an Alf invasion.