I Just Thought of Something.

Sunday, January 13 2002

I just thought of something. Actually, let’s backup and start over. I just made a breakthrough. I’ve discovered that I do not

need to albumize every single photo I’ve ever taken in my life. It’s OK to keep and store every image, but not display every single one. No one wants to see the poorly lit shots, the out of focus or shaky shots, or shots of the sky with nothing to tell you what the shot actually is.

So, with that said, I’m going to change my photo album software somewhat. I typically take hundreds of pictures a day when on vacation. I’d say I average about 200 a day, which can get very boring to look at. I’m going to add a step in to my new album creation that let’s me select the pictures I want to end up on the site quickly and efficiently. I’m also going to smooth out some of the interface issues. My photos will become more enjoyable soon. I promise.