I Just Gave the Site

Friday, January 04 2002

I just gave the site a minor facelift. Friends have asked “Did you paint that picture” (referring to the header image) when in reality it’s not a painting at all, it’s a photograph of a dock in the Carribean. I enjoy looking at graffitti, and this one was particularly interesting. Someone with no real artistic skill decided to write “Pork Boots” on the wall in the middle of the ocean on an itty bitty island.

On some of these Carribean island docks it seems that everyone uses the same pallette, which just so happens to match the pallette of cruise ships. Without really knowing the entire story I conclude that those who paint the boats in Carribean ports also have a tradition of using the same paint to “”/mb/photo_journal.cfm?pa=display&id=2173" target="">sign the guest book</A>