So on the Last Day

Sunday, December 30 2001

So on the last day of the year I get together with a few friends to see the first installment of the Lord of the Rings movies and I can’t say I was impressed. While it looked neat, and seemed well done, I just got bored of the fighting. I think I saw hundreds of orcs fall without the hero, Frodo, recieving a scratch. I suppose you could say other than the impossibility of a 3 foot man not getting killed by blood thirsty savage beasts twice his size, the movie was entertaining, and worth the $6.00 I paid to see it during the middle of the day.

Perhaps I enjoyed The Royal Tenenbaums so much that Lord of the Rings didn’t stand a chance. Five minutes into The Royal Tenenbaums I knew I’d be buying it when it appeared on DVD. That movie is a piece of art, each frame designed to tell a story. In one scene, Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson are sitting apart from eachother, and neither has even uttered a word and the entire theater is laughing. I left this movie very impressed, and inspired to be creative. A fine movie indeed.