I've Avoiding News Sources As

Monday, December 10 2001

I’ve avoiding news sources as much as possible. They’re simply too distracting. I’m not enjoying life or getting things done because I’m too busy paying attention to the news. With that said, I’ve been listenting to in/Casino/out by  At the Drive In instead of news radio. I used to hate this CD, but I gave it another chance and I’m beginning to see the talent this band has. I have to say it’s growing on me.

I’ve also been reading more. It sounds like I don’t like much of anything, but honestly, Stephen King is not my favorite, but I’ve been reading Nightmares & Dreamscapes anyway. It’s strange to think that rather than watching the news I’d rather read about toads raining from the sky that try to eat everything in sight. That could never happen. Reliving September 11th and hearing about how many bombs exploded today is less desireable to me than reading about severed fingers that creep out of the faucet when you’re not looking.

One of the reasons I’m not a huge fan of King is that his writing feels like it follows a certain formula, at least his short stories do. Introduce the married couple, suggest that things are a bit too good to be true, introduce horrible element (man eating toads, vampire, zombies), have married couple fight against horrible element, toss in a few twists to spice it up, man usually dies in a big bloody mess, woman either lives to tell about it or dies herself in the same way.

But you know what. If I wrote a book that sold well, I’d write another in pretty much the same way, and if that sold well, I’d keep doing it until it didn’t work anymore. Gotta pay the bills in one way or another.