I Found a Funny Thing

Friday, November 30 2001

I found a funny thing I wrote down a while back; a story that my wife Carrie told me. I can’t remember if I ever posted it or not so I’ll just post it again:

My wife telling the story:

I was at an ice cream store, and a 20 something guy with his girlfriend were in line in front of me.  At this particular store you can choose between a cone with chocolate and nuts on it, or chocolate and sprinkles

“Do you want sprinkles or nuts?” the kid asked.

“Well what do you think?! Nuts of course!” the twenty something guy literally yells.

I thought the guy was out of control, a little bit scary, but in the back of the shop a grey haired lady was giggling, and I thought that the little old lady had a dirty mind for laughing at the nuts reference:

“She’s a pervert!” I thought. “That little old lady has a dirty mind and laughing about the nuts”

I started laughing out loud because of the little lady. I thought the guy was obnoxious, but the lady laughing was pretty funny.

“What are you laughing at you old lady?!” the twenty something said.

Still laughing, she said “I have grandkids and it’s all sprinkles with them!”