A Week or Two Ago

Monday, November 26 2001

A week or two ago I went to the Oakley

 friends and family sale. A buddie of mine does IT stuff there, and extended the invite. The sale was an adventure in itself, which Erik summed up pretty good.

During the purchasing process of the sale, something happened. I can’t say for sure how or where it happened, but somewhere in the process two pairs of sunglasses I had picked out got switched with some awful pairs. There was a point where everything I had selected to purchase was handled rapidly by a team of “deboxers” who removed anything that would make it easy to try and return these goods to a retail outlet. This is where I think it happened.

I thought I was screwed, but I decided to try and talk to someone at Oakley directly. I emailed a guy named Bob who had run the huge parking lot sale, and the next day he left a voicemail saying he’d take care of everything. Fantastic! I listened to the voicemail, and like a full on idiot erased the message by mistake. Now I was gonna have to look like a dummy and email him again.

Well, he called me again this morning, this time I picked up, and we arranged to have the glasses exchanged tomorrow.

I am truly impressed with Oakley. The attention they’ve given me goes above and beyond what is required. At the sale, there were signs plastered everywhere saying “ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS”. They don’t need to treat me this good. Very impressed with Oakley.