An Interesting Thing Happened Yesterday.

Tuesday, November 13 2001

An interesting thing happened yesterday. My wife got a call from a collection agency saying we owed Sprint $481.00 for an old cell phone account. They were obviously barking up the wrong tree considering the bill in question was for a fairly recent period, and I left at the beginning of this year.

First I called the collection agency and told the guy who called me wife that I wasn’t happy with the way he treated my wife. I did the typical “Hi, if I talk like I might know you you won’t hang up on me” which he was pretty defensive about. I also in no uncertain terms told him he could shove it.

I called up Sprint, told them I wasn’t going to pay the bill because it wasn’t my responsibility, and they wiped it clean. They said “This is screwy, we’re wiping this clean, we’d spend more money trying to figure this all out than we’d end up getting from it”. I never once thought that Sprint could act like a smart business and I’m just happy that little fiasco was over as soon as it started.