Erik Made an Important Distinction Between

Monday, October 15 2001


 made an important distinction between auto accidents and anthrax. Auto accidents are indeed accidents. Anthrax showing up in more and more locations can be considered an attempt at murder, already with a successful attempt.

My opinion on the anthrax scare is changing as more real threats occur. It’s still just as frustrating to hear about crippling shut downs at airports over confetti mistaken as anthrax. It worries me that any organization has exercised this much power over America, a nation whose freedoms are being threatened by fear and fear alone. I have such an anger building up towards anyone who thinks that they have the right to remove my freedoms, or my families freedoms that it may begin to get unhealthy, but I have an equally building anger building towards those who act like chickens with their heads cut off, freaking out over piles of salt. Whoever is waging the anthrax war against America must be very pleased. Their meager investment is paying off, and it’s sickening me.