Carrie and I Are Going

Friday, October 12 2001

Carrie and I are going on an island hopping Carribean cruise, and it occurred to us that we’d have no place to put the camera while we spent our time in the ocean swimming or snorkeling. I started to research waterproof camera housings so we could keep the camera on us at all times and found the Ewa Marine


Ewa Marine makes bag housings that are far less expensive than a traditional solid housing (easily $700-800). The tradeoff: solid housings can go much deeper without your camera being crushed by the pressure. Bag housings can go down about 10 meters (or perhaps further, except they don’t protect the structure of your camera from the pressure).

Ewa Marine Housing

So I called around to my local dive shops and they all sold the bag for $200 bucks. Way too much for me. I turned to the Internet to do some price camparison and found it being sold for about $75. Big difference! So I ordered one from and received it a few days later.

I tried the housing out last night and pool, and it worked great. Check out one of the shots (Carrie will probably kill me for putting this photo of her up, but it’s one of the more interesting ones that doesn’t show my white skinny butt underwater).

Carrie underwater