It's Been a Sad And

Wednesday, October 10 2001

It’s been a sad and scary month. Someday when I have children I may have to explain to them the general state of anxiety and fear Americans felt during the months following the September 11th attacks, and they may not fully understand it just like I never fully understood my parents fear of the Cold War and nuclear attacks.

I asked my grandmother if she would have ever guessed that America would be attacked like we were. She’s lived through Pearl Harbor, had a husband who fought in WW2, and has seen every war and conflict since and she said she couldn’t believe what was happening, and would have never guessed it would or could happen to us.

I sincerely hope my children will be able to feel comfortable with the world like I did prior to September 11. I hope that they won’t have to understand what it’s like to hear reports like “FBI warns of imminent attacks on US targets or overseas US interests.”