I'm Nearly Finished With The

Monday, October 01 2001

I’m nearly finished with the book, in fact, it’s safe to say the book will probably go into print this week or next, which gives me an opportunity to do some house keeping on the site. I’ve ditched my patriatism in favor of a image of what I enjoy doing in my spare time, which I should have more of now.

I didn’t ditch the American flag look because I’ve lost interest in being patriotic, it’s just time for something new. I continue to dwell on the September 11th attacks, and I need to make room for something else in my mind now.

Yes, that is me skateboarding. My wife took the picture, I messed with the focus and colors in Photoshop. I will rarely try to pop off of that particular volcano any more because the landing is pretty hard on my body. I clear the transition of the volcano and land on flat ground, which doesn’t feel good from the 5 or 6 foot drop.