There Was a Day When

Tuesday, September 25 2001

There was a day when dynamic sites were still young. In that day, I created a site called The Cause

 that became very popular at one point, and was even featured in the New York Times in 1997. I thought I had lost the code for the site in a hard drive crash a few years ago, but it turns out Erik had saved the code somewhere (a fact just realized a few weeks ago).

The site itself was a kind of big joke that got very big very quick, and it hasn’t changed since. The HTML coding is still the quick and dirty code originally written an hour after the idea occurred, and the database still runs on Microsoft Access (something that I will most likely change very soon).

The site is back, and alive, and there are plans to return it’s traffic to traditional levels, and get it back the big crazy mess it once was. Check it out!