Carrie and I Went To

Friday, September 21 2001

Carrie and I went to Dairy Queen last night for a sweet treat, and there was a young man serving us through the drive through window. I can’t say he was the typical young teenage American male because for one, he was working at Dairy Queen, and if we remember back to teenage years, Dairy Queen employees were always freaks. Just because we’re now 10 years older doesn’t change a thing in that regard.

So, as he is preparing my Brownie Earthquake, he’s doing what I’ve since dubbed “drive by patriotism”. As he was walking past the two by two foot window, he’d lean down and say “I donated two pints of blood today”, or “America rocks”. It was really wierd, because as soon as he had said it, he’d be gone, only to come back and say something again.

The last thing he did as we were driving away was lean out the window, and yell “God Bless America”. I enjoy the enthusiasm, but it was just a bit wierd. Half way through the event I told Carrie that this kid was making  my site.