I Didn't Chicken Out On

Saturday, September 15 2001

I didn’t chicken out on the hair thing. As I lifted the scissors to my head in preparation for the first snip, my wife called from her work and asked what I was doing. I couldn’t lie, so I said “I’m about to cut my own hair”. She ended up convincing me that the $12 bucks I’d spend at SuperCuts would be far less uncomfortable than having to live with a do it yourself haircut.

But I will say this. I hate having material that grows out of my head on a constant basis. If I could harvest it for something and get paid I might enjoy my quick grow hair. If I could spray something on my hair, or take a pill to make it stop growing, that would be fine too. I don’t so much hate the hair, I hate having to get it cut all the time. It’s an awful cycle. Grow hair, complain about how fast hair grows, cut hair, repeat.

On that note, maybe I’d be happy with one of these


a combine machine for your hair