I Woke Up Today To

Monday, September 10 2001

I woke up today to the phone ringing and the radio speaking of terrorist attacks on the Pentagon, the World Trade Towers, and perhaps even the White House. It’s been surreal ever since. Like most people with a blog I’ll share my thoughts as well, although I feel it almost tacky to be putting an entry up. Perhaps I’ll be glad I did when I re-read the entries a few years from now when the shock has lifted.
- LA is saying “We’re safe, we’re prepared”. How? New York City could have said the same thing 5 minutes prior to the attack. Sure the planes are grounded, but that doesn’t guarantee safety.
- This is easily the most devastating thing I have ever seen, and I know it’s not even over yet. I was just at the USS Arizona, and the death toll and stories of death are incredible, but it was against military targets in a time of war. The event today is obviously different, and while my thoughts of Pearl Harbour haven’t changed, it’s possible that as more information comes out I may feel today’s event was worse.
- I have a friend from Germany who’s saying “This would never happen in Germany, people hate America”. I don’t think any country deserves what happened today.
- I was just at the World Trade Center, it’s a bit hard to stomach that the massive building I took pictures from the top of is no longer there.
- I’m concerned about what will happen next. I don’t want to see a war, but I don’t want to see someone getting away with this, certainly not some guerilla terrorist group.
- I’m afraid for people who live in the US who’ve immigrated to this country from middle eastern countries who may face retalition from those caught up with rage.