I Have This Thing Where

Monday, August 13 2001

I have this thing where I don’t like eating alone in a fast food place. Normally if I’m in a hurry and need to eat fast food, I’ll go through the drive-thru, but today, I stepped out of my comfort zone, and went inside.
It really wasn’t that bad. Once I got over the fact that I had nothing to read or fiddle with or nobody to talk to while I ate, a calm washed over me, and everything was fine. My meal became what was important, and rather than taking forever to finish it, I finished it in “normal human eating speed” time.
Incidentally, you can’t get cheese quesadillas at a Taco Bell in New Jersey, or any other state other than California for that matter. I think it’s because Californians know how to pronounce quesadillas more readily than the general populace of a state like New Jersey.