Once Again, I Slammed Hard

Friday, July 27 2001

Once again, I slammed hard skateboarding. I know what I was trying to do this time, except I ended up horizontal at about 5 feet in the air.With pain still lingering in my recently injured tailbone, I did everything I could to land on anything but my butt. In retrospect, I really didn’t have much of a choice of where or how I’d land. I ended up landing on my right side. My shoulder hit hard first, then my head, and then the lower half of my body.I remember thanking whoever did such a good job on making my helmet at that point.Now, several days later, I’m once again an old man. My neck is especially tender, must be a bit of whiplash or something.My wife is rad – I think most wives might forbid me from getting on the board again, but she puts up with my moaning, names my significant contusions, and encourages me to do well. She’s awesome.