I Just Discovered a Concept

Monday, July 09 2001

I just discovered a concept I was blissfully unaware of – weblogs. Turns out there’s a huge mess of weblogs out there. Where was I? I’ve been doing this thing forever, but I can’t say I’ve been doing it longer than weblogs have been around. In some ways my ego is hurt; I didn’t think of it first, but in others, I’m excited about the idea that there are tons of people just like me who feel the need to say something on a website that rarely gets any visitors (actually, there’s been a ton of traffic lately, easily nearing 750-1000 people a day, which is amazing considering the low bandwidth and antique server I’m using).I guess everyone who runs weblogs probably runs them for the same reason I run my site – we like to share what’s on our minds. I’m trying to achieve PIPA, even though I’ve been told it’s not worth it. We’ll see.