I Grow More Tired Of

Sunday, July 08 2001

I grow more tired of the Internet every day. It used to be fun, exciting, new ideas surfacing on a near hourly basis, incredible optimism.Now the bubble is burst.And what’s with the popup banners – I type the URL of my bank, and up pops a competitor. Yahoo! is to blame. Yahoo, I used to have so much respect for you, then came the selling of porn thing, then the aggravating popup adds for mini wireless X10 cameras pitched by attractive young ladies (does this suggest that by owning X10 cameras young attractive women will enjoy your company more or does it suggest that these cameras are good for spying on people? Can’t wait to see the peeping tom stats for this year)…The ‘net just ain’t what it used to be, and perhaps it will make a comeback, but I doubt it will ever keep me as inspired as it used to.