I Went to My step-Dad's

Monday, December 11 2000

I went to my step-Dad’s graduation ceremony for earning his bachelors last Saturday and witnessed a type of human behavior that twists my mind into a mess.

Why is it that some people feel so compelled to yell out “Hey Tom!, yeah, Tom, hey, Tom! Tom!” “Hey, Tom!, up here!”. Why do people do that? They just dropped Tom off in the parking lot, he knows they’re there in the audience. They’re going to go to lunch with Tom when the whole thing is over, why is it so important that Tom look up at them?

If they went to the mall with Tom, and saw him from a distance, would they begin hollering his name, waving items in an an attempt to get his attention? Nuts!

The funniest thing is that not just a few people do this, but a whole bunch of people do it. I had people to my left yelling “Judith”, people to my right screaming “Gary” and people behind me moaning “Michael”. All those same people probably thought I was just as nuts for giggling in my seat rather than cheering “Kip”
Yelling out “Kip” would be pretty funny, as the best way to yell out a name like Kip is to do it in machine gun succession because it’s not long enough to really be considered a word. Most people would assume it was a noise, but it’s really my step-Dad’s name. It’s not even shortened, it’s simply Kip.
And that’s all I have to say about that.