Carrie and I Came Home

Sunday, October 01 2000

Carrie and I came home tonight and were happy to find a fake ficus tree laying on it’s side in front of our house.

Michael: Wow, a ficus tree!
Carrie: How did it get there?
Michael: Someone left it for us, it’s a gift!
Carrie: Michael I’m scared!
Michael: Maybe a tornado tossed it here.
Carrie: Is this some kind of threat? Should we be insulted?
Michael: We can put it on our balcony!
Carrie: Check if there’s robbers!
Michael: Maybe I can put it in my office!
[we walked around our complex a bit, to see if there was anyone moving who might have dropped a tree. Carrie walked to the laundry room…]
Carrie: Excuse me, did you drop a tree [to a man working on a stubborn stain]
Alex: Did I drop a tree?
Carrie: Yeah, did you drop a tree. Someone dropped a tree out here.
[Alex came out and looked]
Alex: How funny! Those are expensive! [maybe he appraises fake ficus trees for a living]
Alex: That’s not an indoor tree, maybe it goes on a balcony.
[this is the first time we’ve met Alex. We think he put it there. How would he know it’s a balcony tree? Anyhow, we’re confused about this free tree, and we’re going to leave it outside for now. It could be some trojan horse for all we know. And if it’s still there in the morning, we’ll sell it on Ebay]