Surfing, Otto, Fun

Thursday, August 06 1998

Last night I went surfing in 6-8+ foot waves. The ocean is an awesome force, not to be taken for granted. I started making a new site yesterday also, it has nothing to do with my crazy idea, it’s something else. When I went to Baltimore with some friends we decided to do this site, and I’ve started it. It’s called “Otto and his afflictions”. I’ll link it up when I get more work done on it.I’m learning how to “paint” in photoshop. Usually I would manipulate, alter, whatever, but I’m actually learning how to do oil style painting. Of course I’ve started with clouds, because they’re easy, and no one can say “That’s not what a cloud looks like”, because how would they know? Clouds get all crazy sometimes. The “Otto” site is going to have clouds. cloud2