Something BIG

Wednesday, August 05 1998

I forgot to mention that an idea struck me in the middle of the night last night. An idea SO good that I won’t even reveal it here, you’ll just have to wait. An idea so good it made tears come to my eyes. Yesterday I was so frustrated, I had all this creative energy and couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t want to start a new project.

I got turned down for a job yesterday that I’d put a lot of work into, and it affected me in a strange way. I wasn’t upset with the company at all, I handled that part well, I was just frustrated with my own abilities. In my mind designs form, but when I go to put them down in some type of medium, they don’t match up. They don’t quite make it to what I’d envisioned. So, last night, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I stumbled upon this excellent idea. An idea of which you still don’t get to know until I’m maybe halfway through with it. I don’t want anyone to mock me, saying “Ahhh, you can’t do that you’re only 22, you’re too young, not enough experience.” That’s not gonna happen, because I’m gonna do it.